Wheels, waves, wet…

Everyone thought the Southsiders MC was doing everything right with claiming a June weekend for their Festival of Custom Culture – but then: rain. Lots of.

But it takes more than water to spoil the plans of a determined party crowd. And as we were invited to join the exhibition with two of our bikes, we always had a solid roof above our heads. Hence our 1948 Grasshopper Panhead and the 1940 EL Knucklehead not only kept us dry but also kickstarted a lot of good talks.

Why not take a short ride around the block, check out the tents. Wherever you went, there was constant roaring, the air was vibrating and everyone was relaxed, despite the sheer mass of people looking for the next highlight like the Punk’s Peak Race.

Despite the rainy weather, Wheels and Waves turned out to be a big success once again and is already scheduled for 2016 in Biarritz. May the Southsiders MC have another fantastic party that’s as relaxed as this year’s. With a little more sun. This place is too good to be wet.