Our Collection at Berlin’s Capsule Show.

Great place, great show and fantastic people to meet at Capsule in Berlin! Let’s see where you can get next a piece or the whole collection of Ehinger Kraftrad fashion.


Ehinger Kraftrad at Capsule Show Berlin.

We will present our Ehinger Kraftrad collection, accessoires, bikes and our book “Rusty Diamonds” at the Capsule Show Berlin at Postbahnhof, Strasse der Pariser Kommune 8, 10243 Berlin on July 8th/9th, 2014.


A big wave of enthusiasm.

We have been invited to Wheels & Waves in Biarritz, France. Its a meeting that started a few years ago as a gathering of the Southsiders MC and has been developed to an internationally renowned festival for bike builders and enthusiasts.

A historic hall was the spectacular place for the „Art Ride“, an exhibition uniting bikes, photography, illustrations and all artful aspects of skating and surfing. Luckily our Snowracer, the black 1940 U Model Flathead and photos from our book „Rusty Diamonds“ were part of the show and lead to a lot of detailed conversations.

And what a great chance to see real rare motorcycles: let alone the 6 Brough Superiors, dated from 1926 to 1932, a 1929 Royal Enfield V-Twin, a 1929 OHC Norton Model 30, a 1927 Rudge Land-Speed-Racer und to top it all: two Ernst Henne record-bikes, directly from the BMW Museum.

Picturesque meeting point for anyone interested in bikes and riding was the Lighthouse, bringing together more than 6.000 people for a few days. Not only from the neighbouring countries, but from Scandinavia, Algery, USA and Japan enthusiasts came despite of the travel. And so finally 2500 bikes filled Biarritz and it’s outdoors with good vibrations.

It was obvious that especially the younger generation was attracted by all these bikes – no matter what brand or how many cubic inches. It’s the motorcycle itself that counts for the new biker crowd – and a good ride, thanks to good ideas like the Southsiders MCs Wheels & Waves.


Rusty Diamonds – Ready to order.

Now you can catch RUSTY DIAMONDS at Amazon -  the book about Uwe Ehingers Kraftrad journey through South-America, the USA and Asia. A ride deep into motorcycle history with over 250 photos all taken by Uwe Ehinger in the late seventies and early eighties. Be prepared to see some motorcycles you’ll hardly ever catch in real life, because nowadays these former rusty diamonds are stuffed up in some billionaire’s treasury.


Thanks for a great book release.


Rostige Diamanten, frisch eingetroffen.

Wie es sich für die Speicherstadt in Hamburg gehört, ist eine Ladung feinster, wertvoller Ware eingetroffen: Eine Palette Rostiger Diamanten. Das muss gefeiert werden, auch wenn das Wetter eher rostig-frostig ist. RUSTY DIAMONDS ist fertig. Das Buch über eine Ehinger Kraftrad Reise durch die Zeit und vor allem durch die Motorradgeschichte. Über 10 Jahre reiste Uwe Ehinger durch Südamerika, USA und Asien, immer auf der Suche nach den Edelsteinen unter den Motorrädern. Mehr zum Buch in Kürze, jetzt wird erstmal gefeiert.


Mo Magazin – Im Speicher


Code Magazin – The Elder Statesman

With this headline Uwe was introduced to the German audience of CODE a men’s magazine from The Netherlands published for the first time in Germany in April 2014. Here are told stories about real men. They were styled and according to their personal story set in scene with the help of documentary photography. That’s the way a portrait of Uwe was made – personal and with many insights into an adventurous life. You can find the CODE in Germany, Austria and in Switzerland magazine retailer 400 fashion stores.