A grizzly on two wheels.

How could you prepare yourself better for a relaxed sun & fun meet on the beach than riding hundreds of miles through sun, rain, wind and even snow in the Pyrenees. It’s called Grizzly Ride and was organized for 40 people by the Southsiders MC. A nice, fine club and the host of Wheels & Waves – an event that will draw again thousands of visitors and riders to Biarritz in June, to celebrate vintage and artfully customized motorcycles of all styles and makes.

We proudly announce, that we not only were a part of the Grizzly ride but invited to bring 2 bikes to the W&W Show – we just have to roll the dice on which bikes we take. If you want to see what finally made it to the show:  June 11th to 14 th, Biarritz, France.

Photographer @Laurent Nivalle