If time is immovably welded tight somewhere…

then it is at Elco Welding in Venice. What at first glance looks like a mix between a props store and a junk dealer, for us turns out to be the chance discovery of the classic all-round shop for everything that has wheels. The kind of shop that you used to find on every block. Here, bicycles are repaired, motorbikes are tinkered with and classic four-wheelers get the care they deserve – even metalwork on a fighter jet seems to be no problem for Elco. Anyhow, among all the vintage pieces, we have the pleasure of admiring a classic BMW CSI – with electric motor.
And when Elco boss Bob Libow proudly passes around a few faded photographs in which the facade of his shop looks more or less exactly like today, you get the feeling that time has no effect on Elco Welding.