Heading to the bookstore by bike.

We’re guessing that the large number of motorbikes – including our Snowracer and the Grasshopper – in the yard and on display in the offices of the Gestalten Verlag at the launch of the book “The Ride” was somewhat unusual. In addition to many of the bikes featured in “The Ride”, a few of the illustrious group of builders, mechanics and customizers presented in the book also attended the event:
Bernhard, the leader of “Herzbube”, 2 guys from the “Wrenchmonkeys”, El Solitario, JvB Moto and the man from “Kaffeemaschine” (Coffee Machine) from Hamburg. Apart from the bikes, you could also admire some real gems by Corpses From Hell and Death Spray Customs.
The fact that Gestalten Verlag normally publishes books about art, architecture and design with a corresponding guest list at their book launches ensured a mixed crowd of bike buffs and art lovers that led to a highly amusing and interesting evening with lots to talk about.
Photographs by Kristina Fender and Uwe Ehinger.