Yesterday on show, today on the road.

Don’t worry, ‘Flatties’ and ‘Knuckles’ are still right at the top of our list, but from time to time it is quite refreshing to test just how much Ehinger Kraftrad can be found in a modern motorbike. Of course, you don’t have to make life unnecessarily difficult you can never fully escape from your own shadow. In short, we decided to opt for a 2012 Triumph Bonneville. After all, it still breathes a lot of tradition and is at least visually reminiscent of the old-school ‘cafe racer’ style. But it also offers ample opportunities to turn it into a true Ehinger Kraftrad motorcycle. The Triumph premiered at the Custom Chrome Europe Dealer Show in Mainz, where many of the above details only became obvious to the interested observers when the took a closer look – resulting in lively expert discussions. If you missed the Ehinger Triumph in Mainz, you should consider a trip to Hamburg. Like all our bikes, the Triumph is also street legal – and it really is out there on the streets: Uwe Ehinger has appointed it as his city ride.