A town gone Chopper crazy.

Once a year, the normally tranquil town of Kaldenkirchen near the Dutch border close to Venlo turns into a bubbling cauldron: it’s Choppertown-time! Anything with two or four wheels that has been worked on with love is allowed to roll on in.
We were also invited and turned up with the Snowracer, the 1948 Pan-Grashopper and the 1940 Big Flathead. Although the big crowds were one street further, it didn’t take long until we were approached by enthusiastic passers-by and expert questioners.
Custom parts, pinstriping, live music, zombies and last but not least: cool Choppers (even with four wheels!) –Kaldenkirchen truly offered everything needed for a perfect Choppertown day.
We wouldn’t be surprised if we were suddenly gripped by the urge to go there again next year.